South African Robotics Club


Welcome to SAROC

an independent, educational service provider of science, mathematics and technology education and career development equipments. Its goal is the enhancement of the quality and quantity of South Africa’s community of scientists, engineers and technicians. Improving technology-related education is an important element of our strategy. Our focus is disadvantaged communities, education departments, schools, educators, learners and employers. The centre raise awareness and interest career that involves science, engineering and technology (STEM) and in promoting a national culture that values the positive contribution that STEM can make to economic development and social justice in South Africa.

Our Vision

An education system that promotes life-long learning and that equips citizens to keep pace with rapid technological change and the needs of a technologically driven economy and society. To do this, the centre will be an organisation that maintains the highest quality of service and professionalism, recognised by its client communities, institutions, agencies and organisations as a leading provider of expertise and services it gives.


To provide high quality and affordable Science, Mathematics, Technology, Education and Career Development Equipment and Training.


1. To provide high quality Programmes, Services & Products.
2. Contribute significantly to formal and non-formal education and training.
3. Contribute towards the growth of the scientific and technologically skilled human resource pool.