Robotics + Sanitisation

Robots can play a very important role in health care. The sanitizer bot was created with Covid-19 in mind. The bot moves around autonomously around sanitizing whatever areas you may want. The bot moves autonomously avoiding any obstacles in its way. This removes the need for a human to be present and minimises the exposure to other humans.


With hand sanitizers and disinfectants, the sanitizer bot could use UV lights to sanitize the surrounding. The bot can be used in many area’s such as schools, shopping malls, office spaces, airport spaces etc

The bot is made from standard Engino parts in the e40 set with an attached light in the front. It has infrared censors on the left and right and an ultrasonic sensor at the back. These all work together to check the immediate environment of the bot to enable it to avoid any obstacles it might run into

What other ways do you think would be a good use of robotics in health care? Leave a comment below

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